Sunday, December 29, 2013

WoozWorld Monster University Tour Commercial!

Monster University Delay

Woozens the grand opening has been delayed due to low wooz/beex and we need is basketball net for the gym and the. We can be open unless you want us to open with out a gym and later on develope the gym for all you students :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

University Not Open

Hello monsters!
I'm sorry to keep you waiting, BUT.... the University has not been opened yet.
And we do not know when it shall be opened (or me) And so I will let you know
when or if it'll open!
Stay on this blog to learn MORE! Thank you c:!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hi all! This is -JennyWzW! ( for the pep said -JennyWzw but its -JennyWzW) (sorry D: ) So anyway the school is going to open soon! We are ALMOST done with the units! more coming soon! -


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Woozens From Pepsi :D!

What's New On This Blog?
There's something new on this blog woozens :D! Can you guess?
If not, I'll tell you. So don't sweat about it ;)
We added Applications onto our blog!!! So, feel free to send your applications
to us (me), and we'll check it and you may be in our University!
Remember, on December 1st, 2013 it shall be our Opening of our new University!
If, the University is not open by then, it is because of un-finished work. But that's
okay! Send in your applications NOW!

Another thing that's new in the blog is in one of the side bars there's this one called: how to apply Monster University. And that explains how you can apply to the University if you do not already know!
<- there's the picture here ;)!

Will There Be More Eventz Listed?
Yes there'll be more eventz listed soon! So please look our for that.
Also we'll soon be listing our clubs and activities for the student!!!

That Is All For Now!
~Monster University 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New University

OPENING OF THE BLOG- Hello Students! As Mentioned In The Events Sidebar That The University Will Be Opened On December 1st, 2013. It's Possible That It May Not Be Opened That Day Due For Needing More Time In Developing The School C:! Send In Your Applications To Me, -Roggy, Or  
-JennyWzw To Apply To Our School. If The Applications Are Not In The Tabs By Now Please Ask To Join By Messaging Us C:! I'm So Excited To See You.

Got Questions- Do You Have Questions And Need Answers? Will, Please Feel Free To Message Me For Questions In Woozworld. Since I'm Not Always On To Play, I Accept All Questions From Woozens By Messages. If You're Being Bullied Or Feel That You Don't Fit In, Please Do Contact One Of Us, We Care About You! So Feel Free To Talk To Us About Anything, We're Always There For You!

Classes- Classes Will Be Posted Soon Within A Few Days. Got To Contact The Woozens That Own The Unitz. C: So, Check In Everyday To See Which Classes You Wanna Take!

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving!
-Pepsi24 Always Ready For You!